The Team

  • Gin Kai Chan
    Gin Kai ChanCEO, Executive Producer

    Gin Kai has created, executive produced and produced several award winning feature film projects as well as TV programs for audiences worldwide. Some of the broadcasters he has worked with include Discovery, Animal Planet, CNBC, Modern Times Group, SVT, MediaCorp and many more.

    A firm believer in the creative and economic advantages of international co-productions, Gin Kai has spearheaded collaborations and exchanges with several countries including Australia, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Sweden and USA.

    Another project that highlights Gin Kai’s expertise in international collaborations is the organizing of the China Film Festival in Singapore and Jakarta in 2002. The event ushered in a new level of cultural exchanges between China, Singapore and Indonesia, as a delegation of China film officials, directors and award-winning stars visited the countries for exchanges, networking and workshops.

    As co-founder and CEO of Upside Down Concepts for 12 years, Gin Kai helmed the company’s growth into one of Singapore’s leading production companies, with a strong footprint around the region.

    Since leaving Upside Down Concepts in March 2010, Gin Kai founded Silver Media Group to explore new frontiers in media content creation, specializing in executive producing and media financing. He currently runs one of Asia’s few privately managed Media Funds, investing in film and TV content for international audiences. The company believes in social responsibility, using the power of media to inspire a better world.

    Gin Kai co-founded and chairs the Southeast Asian Audio-Visual Association (SAAVA), an alliance that seeks to unify film producers from around the region to stimulate exchange of skills and collaborations. As one of the region’s few film financing experts, Gin Kai has been invited to speak at various industry conferences, and educational and financial institutions about this alternative investment sector.

    A passion that is even greater than Gin Kai’s love for filmmaking is social causes. He has spearheaded relief and rebuilding efforts in disaster-afflicted countries, and coordinates capacity-building programs in impoverished communities across Asia. He incubates and mentors socially conscious businesses, imparting his business skills to young entrepreneurs, and inspiring a new generation of businesses to serve the greater good.

  • Karen Loh
    Karen LohCFO

    A Marketing Manager by training, Karen honed her experience in the media industry through 12 years of dedicated service in one of Singapore’s leading production houses.

    Karen served dual roles as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Producer for the company. Her meticulous attention to budgets and disciplined approach to schedules ensured that every project she took charge of always exceeded client expectations and maximized profitability for the company. The company achieved sterling financial health under her stewardship.

    She also handled several of the company’s most important clients. Her wide range of experience includes corporate projects, TV commercials, local and international TV programming, and feature films.

    As a specialist in the Inflight Entertainment industry, Karen’s projects for several international airlines have been watched by tens of millions of passengers worldwide.

    Karen currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of Silver Media Group.

    Serving at her own free time as a youth mentor, Karen imparts her life experiences and wisdom to a younger generation, helping them cope with the difficulties they face in their turbulent growing years, and grooming them to become positive contributors to society. She also regularly organizes philanthropic trips to countries around the region, inspiring more people to help the less fortunate in Asia.

    • Sherman Ng
      Sherman NgProducer

      Sherman started working in the financial sector since 2003, and has served in Private Banking and Corporate Finance for more than a decade. His background helps to bring important investment and financing expertise to Silver Media.

      As a producer, Sherman focuses on creating value-based content that appeals to, as well as informs and educates, audiences worldwide. Combining his passion for value-based content with his acumen for finance, Sherman is currently developing a media fund that will invest exclusively in faith and value-based content.

      With an eye on the future and a finger on the pulse of what’s trending, Sherman enjoys forward-looking projects that converge at the intersection of music, film, culture, media, technology and finance.

      Apart from the media industry, Sherman continues to provide strategic value-add services for various industry sectors:

      As a Consultant, Sherman understands the issues CEOs and business leaders face, and works with them to develop strategies that remove roadblocks and bring their businesses forward into the future.

      As a Connector, he is quick to perceive possibilities and able to bring potential partners and resources together on deals and projects of mutual interest. He is often asked to pitch projects to potential parties and to play the role of a strategic facilitator and enabler.

      As a Communicator, Sherman enjoys strategic and written communication to stakeholders, executing financial writing for annual reports, proposals and the like, with skill and flair.

      In Company Building, Sherman has recently added strategic and financial value to technology companies Evia iSolutions, Numoni Pte Ltd, Interstellar Group, Solomon Partners Inc &

      Well traveled and with a keen eye for opportunity, Sherman has done business in various countries like China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Austria, United Kingdom and the United States, bringing cross-border opportunities to various companies.

      God has given Sherman an ability to relate to a variety of people and talent. He relates well with visionaries, entrepreneurs, entertainers, creative professionals and techies.