Silver Media Group was founded in 2010 to explore new frontiers in media content creation.

Be it the development of creative stories, the structuring of sophisticated media financing or the innovation of new media technologies, Silver Media Group believes that a brave new world requires brave new visions.

From TV to the silver screen, live action to animation, the company focuses on strong intellectual properties that transcend borders and media platforms. It provides a diversified range of services across the IP management value chain, including development, investment, executive producing, and distribution.

With strong partners in Asia and the West, Silver Media Group is a specialist in structuring international co-productions, bringing together the best stories, resources and talents from both worlds, to create compelling content for a global audience. The company works closely with a growing network of alliance partners in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Beijing, Berlin, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Manila, Montreal, Mumbai, Phnom Penh, Seoul, Stockholm and Sydney.

Silver Media Group believes in responsible media, using the power of media to inspire a better world. The company funds “Silver Skies”, a range of philanthropic initiatives in disadvantaged communities, and incubates socially conscious start-ups from the media and technology industries.

” Media is powerful. On a macro level, it influences society and sets new trends. On a personal level, it stirs the heart and touches the soul.

We believe in responsible filmmaking… wielding the power of media to inspire a better world. “

Chan Gin Kai – CEO