Responsible Media

Media is powerful. On a macro scale, it can influence society, politics, and set new trends. On a personal level, it can touch a person’s soul.

Silver Media Group
believes in responsible media… understanding its power and using it in a responsible way.

The company focuses on developing and producing stories that can create positive impact. Believing it is possible to create compelling content that imparts good values, and that having social responsibility need not mean losing eyeballs, Silver Media Group pushes the frontiers of creativity to deliver these twin tenets.

A crime thriller about sex and murder can explore the fall of man and his eventual redemption. A medical drama set in a disaster zone can celebrate the triumph of the human spirit. A romantic comedy can be, well, more than just about romance, but discover love in its many beautiful facets.

A little more effort, a tad more creativity, and we can all produce content that not only entertains the world, but also makes it a better place.

Silver Skies

Silver Skies is the philanthropic arm of Silver Media Group. Focused on serving disadvantaged communities in Asia, various projects have been completed in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Silver Skies has initiated and supported disaster relief efforts, improvement of school infrastructures, scholarships for students, sustainability programs for poor communities, and sanitation solutions. Silver Skies also incubates socially conscious start-ups from the media and technology industries.